Planning in action . . .

Sculptor Michael Ciccone and I met with some members of the Momentum Committee last Sunday to look at potential sites to place his sculpture, “Momentum.” Looking at possible locations on the Poughkeepsie side approach to the Walkway (starting from the parking lot), we found five different possible locations, with the current favorite being near the signal light that still remains on site. All sites were photographed, and now I’m working in Photoshop to try to virtually place the sculpture in each location, so we can see what it would really look like in each place.

All of this is in preparation for a big meeting we have coming up next week. On Thursday, January 20, we will meet with representatives of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, which oversees the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. Michael will share images and video of his work on the demolition of the old railroad bridge, and how he came to re-use some of the discarded materials to create his new series of sculpture, including “Momentum.” Other members of the committee will discuss their interest in the sculpture and their reasons for wanting to bring it to the Walkway. We will present the images of how the sculpture will look at the site and discuss which location would be best, and what steps must be taken to install and maintain the sculpture.

As soon as I complete those images placing the sculpture at the site virtually, I will share them here!

-Arden Kirkland

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